21 3/4 x 21 3/8 x 1 1/8 Recent cutting/prep board I made for our kitchen. various hardwoods. food safe mineral oil finish. counter-wrap edge minimizes slippage. Before and after shots. I never tire of seeing the grain come through with finish.

GOMEISA, YOU'RE A STAR. Approx. 22x21. Recent commission for private collection.

Gomeisa has a mini eye. And a heart of gold.

The structural frame for Gomeisa. Candid shop photo of me(ow).

18" square auctioned off for a friend's benefit. Private collection.

OWL. Approx. 14x36 recent commission for private collection.

Owl detail.

24.5 x 34.5 Jewelry hanger I made for my girlfriend.

IN YOUR FACE. 29 x 20. Recent commission for private collection.


ACE HARD. 23" triangle auctioned off for a friends recent benefit.


USA RAZOR. Recent commission for private collection.


ARROWHEAD. 12x24. Sold to private collection.

Roughly 2'x3' recent commission. Ford Falcon. 2013. Private collection.
The only curved cuts were the eye, all else is straight lines throughout. Happy with the way the face turned out with a splash of pink and yellow.
Spent quite a bit of time on the structural frame, which you don't see, but keeps it rigid and stable for many years.
This was a fun challenge. Client provided inspiration was "tiger". 14x36. Private collection. 2013.

Recent commission for private collection. 25x30. 2013.

Recenty updated these space ones from 2011 with a whitewash 1/4" border. Private collection.

Had a chance to see a few old pieces in a friend's collection in Ohio a while back.

WAVES OF GRAIN. 15" triangle from a couple years back sold to private collection.

Arachnophobia. 30x25. Private collection. 2012-2013.

Might be a little while before I jump into another one of these. On a side note, an entomologist friend of mine told me it looked more like a tick than a spider. I was aiming for spider but it's OK because they're both arachnids and I dislike them both. Oh and leeches. Gross.

A recent 2-sided Christmas tree topper for Mark Penxa. 10x10. 2012.

Photo credit Mark Penxa. I had to brand this one before assembly or else I wouldn't have been able to get my branding iron in there. Live and learn.

FRESH PACK. 36x24. 2012. Commissioned for private collection. This was for a return collector who wanted to honor her late parents. Her mother was an art teacher and her father was a carpenter. She requested colored pencils. Colored pencils is what she got.

Detail. I enjoyed the challenge of using what colors I could find as-is on this one. The only one I painted here was the black one.



A recent one by request of PRESS Coffee Bar available for purchase through them directly. Check it out if you're in the Dayton, OH area. Will be on display 'til March 2013.

I DON'T THINK COTTON HAS THORNS, BUT TELL THAT TO THE PEOPLE WHO PICKED IT. 29x25. 2013. Detail. Getting the frame right was 3/4 the battle on this one.

14.5"x19.5" yardstick cross. private collection. 2012.


I love these old SENCO sticks with the 'lil Indian head and log letters on them!

10"x19" yardstick coffin. Sold to private collection.

12.5"x22" mantelpiece of a seagull crash landing. shit happens. 2012. private collection.

gull. i would be remiss to not mention the timeless art of charlie harper seeing how this one turned out.

22"x26" block o. recent commission. 2012. private collection


11"x22" half circle. please forgive the terrible photo. private collection.

11"x22" half circle. detail.

Combining the space stuff I do with the yardsticks. Eyes on the skies. 12"x15". 2012. Private collection.

Another recent commission for a private collection. This one sent to Australia. Approx. 21"x30". 2012.

I was happy with the depth and overall feel of this one.


3 - 12" triangles. 2012. Private collection.

These were fun because there are so many different ways they can be displayed.

Red, white and Cherokee blues. 32". 2012. Private collection.

I guess we do need math after all. A fun commissioned work.

Another recent yardstick duder. 15x15x15. 1012. Private collection.

Getting a lot of good feedback on the yardstick pieces. This was a fun one. 18x21. 2012. Commissioned for private collection.

Full ruler coverage. Especially happy with the perception of depth i was able to achieve with this one.

A recent commission to complement one from a few years ago. WESTERN. 25x25. Many assorted woods including ziricote, walnut, basswood, cedar and pine. Inspired by the PNW including the San Juan Islands, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Haystack Rock, etc. 2012.

Detail view of WESTERN showing some depth. It can be a challenge to keep these types of works from weighing 80 lbs. Often, I'll use light woods like pine or cedar for areas that are stained (like the waves in this one) and keep the heavier exotics like ziricote to a minimum. This one is roughly 15 lbs.

A recent one using pauduk, yellowheart, maple, walnut and bocote woods. 15x15. Private collection.

Assorted pieces using wood and yardsticks. 12x12x12 grey triangle $125 (includes shipping). Email if interested.

23" triangle out of yardsticks cut and assembled. 2012. Private collection.

23" triangle out of yardsticks cut and assembled. 2012. Private collection.

25" circle out of yardsticks cut and assembled. 2012. Private collection.

A recent 6 panel commissioned installation of assorted woods, composites and stains. Approx. 65" wide x 50" high. This is in client's recording studio - he needed something to fill the space around his awkwardly mounted A/C. The different heights and sizes of these panels serve as a sound diffuser. The moon is LED backlit and becomes field of stars in the dark. Tough to get good shots of this. The studio is dark and client has various colored lights installed. I got the best results with the door open and natural light flooding the space.

Detail. Exotic woods include purpleheart, yellowheart and pauduk. c2011.

Moon portion of this installation is LED backlit and becomes a field of stars in the dark. Sorry for the terrible photo quality, but you get the idea. c2011.

Orbits. Using old sanding disks, spray paint and embroidery hoops for panel. 10" circle. Private collection.

Another space one using old sanding disks, plywood and spray paint. Circle panel made out of old embroidery hoops stacked and glued. 13" circle. Private collection.

Assorted woods and stains. Purpleheart, walnut and oak, among others. 23". 2011. Private collection.

Assorted woods and stains. 15x15. 2011. Private collection.

Made this guy to hang in the shop and scare away evil spirits. Or summon them. Whatever. Pauduk, wenge and maple. 23x15.

Assorted woods including bocote, zebrawood and oak with custom stain. 12x15. 2011. $250. Email if interested.

Assorted 9x12 woodworks. All in private collections. 2011.

The state of OHIO in wood and composites with custom stain. Roughly 23x25. 2010. Private collection.

ANTELION. Carved cedar horns attached to an old architectural lion's head motif. Found an old concave mirror frame on thrift and voila. Private collection. c2009.

CMYK. Assorted woods and custom stains. 26x26. Commissioned for private collection. c2010.

DRIPWOOD. Custom stains. 15x15. Private collection. c2010.

DYT. Assorted woods, composites and stains. 25x25. Private collection. c2008.

Exotic woods. Private collection. 7x15. c2010.

TUNNELS II. Custom watercolor stains and spray paint on assorted softwoods. 32x32. Private collection. c2010.

TUNNELS. Mostly exotic woods including bocote, hormigo negro, pauduk, wenge, purpleheart and more. 16x20. Private collection. c2010.

RATTLER. Assorted woods and spray paints. 25x25. Private collection. c2009.

CRAYOLA. Custom mixed stains on assorted woods and composites. 26x26. Private collection. c2008.

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