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About Me

I was born into a quasi christian cult on a farm outside Petaluma, CA in 1980. The family moved south to SF in '83. I grew up with art, music and wilderness appreciation at a time when (it seemed) most kids had TV and video games. It took me a while to appreciate that because for a long time all I wanted was to listen to Guns 'n Roses and play with Madballs like all the other kids. One time, on my birthday, my Dad threw away a Masters of the Universe kite I'd been given because "God is the master of the universe - not transformers". Ha ha. But seriously. Another time he went on a crusade to rid the neighborhood of Garbage Pail Kids stickers by offering to trade the kids for icons of Jesus and Mary. I don't know why he didn't just throw them away, but the day I found his secret stash of GPK stickers was a real Eureka! moment. Oh and one time we got to play Duck Hunt on Nintendo. That was awesome.
In the summer of 1991 my family moved to Ohio where I attended high school in a cornfield. Culture shocked for sure, but to this day, some of my best friends are Ohioans. All Hail Dayton. Even so, I missed the ocean and mountains every day, and after 20 years, I moved back west. I now live, work and play in Portland, OR.
In all seriousness, my art is my profession, it's how I pay the bills. Thank you for understanding that when purchasing and/or requesting a quote for commissions.
Over 15 years of designs, illustrations and woodworks made of head with heart by hand. Thanks for checking out my work! Contact me if you think my services might benefit you or if you're interested in purchasing.
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